KML/KMZ converter, transform your SVG files into SVG documents
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version 0.3 (26/10/2011)

Testing version, give your feedback by mail at

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Conversion restrictions :
  • It possible to convert only file originally converted by kml2svg, otherwise it is impossible to positionate correctly the draw on the earth surface.
  • I recommand the use of INKSCAPE software to edit SVG file befor re-import.
  • Only works with MERCATOR projection at this time
  • The KML/KMZ format is mor restrictive than SVG, only few objects can be converted :
    • Text is converted in placemark
    • Lines are converted into paths.
    • Polygons and rectangles are converted into polygons
    • Groups and layers are converted into folders
    • Dash & dot lines are converted into plain line
  This tool convert SVG giles to KML