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version 3.5.1 (22/07/2012)


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This tool converts google earth files(kml and kmz) into vectorial SVG files,
usable in Inkscape, Illustrator and other software. converts most of the elements that contains a GE document:
  • folders
  • placemarks (points, lines, polygones, multigeometries and embeded images)
  • tours
  • Sketchup ressources (depending of the ressources..)
using the desired earth projection:
  • Mercator,
  • Miller,
  • Cylindrical Equal-Area (Lambert, Behrmann, Tristan Edwards, Peters, Galls, Balthasart),
  • Cylindrical Equidistant,
  • Sinusoidal,
  • Van der Grinten I,
  • Polyconic,
  • Albers Equal-Area Conic,
  • Conic Equidistant,
  • Bonne,
  • Lambert Conformal Conic,
  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area,
  • Cassini